Keeping the tail up… ElektroMolch aka German-based Kevin Steuer has been a musician and producer for about 16 years. Since getting started at the age of 15, his music has always been heavily influenced by all possible dance-floor-genres, such as House, Euro dance and Electro pop. Later, in 2004 he released his debut-album “Explode” – an Italo-Dance-album, inspired by artists and acts like Gigi D’Agostino, Prezioso or Molella – just to name a few. Also, the German dancefloor act Cascada requested a song from EM, but didn’t like the draft – so instead, “Leave The Love” found its place on the “Explode” album as an ElektroMolch-song. Despite the fact that the album didn’t receive the desired attention, ElektroMolch remained true to its genre during the following years and started collaborating with other artists in the role of a co-producer and remixer. Really wanna read the full text?  - 
2014 “Explode 2k14” [Single] “Grenzenlos - EP”   (Ben Sommerfeld)   [EP]   [EM as producer]  “ERO”  (ZODiAC:LEO)   [Single]  2013 “One Night Stand”   [Single] “The Remixes”  (EM vs. Fruehbel feat. Ben Somerfeld)   [EP]  “Heile Welt”  (KEV!N)   [Album]  2012 “Unendlich”  (KEV!N)   [Single]  “Ich liebe Kinder”  (KEV!N)   [Single] 2009 “Keep Me Inside Your Heart”   (Lorayne)   [1 remix, unreleased] “That’s Where You Belong”  (Fruehbel feat. Ben Sommerfeld) [3 remixes, first release in 2013 on “The Remixes” (EP)] 2008 “Something About You”  (Lorayne)   [1 remix, unreleased] 2007 “Insane”  (Fruehbel feat. Ben Sommerfeld)   [2 remixes] 2006 “Summerwind”  (Fruehbel feat. Ben Sommerfeld)   [3 remixes] “Dream³”  (Lorayne)   [Single, 6 Remixes] 2004 “Explode”  [Album] 2000 “Restart”   [Unofficial debut album]
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